Saturday, 20 August 2016


 Three of our riders (Ashley, Sian and Nathan) have been selected to go to the Special Olympics in Sheffield in 2017 as part of the Equestrian Team; four riders are going from the area, so Angus RDA will be well represented. 

To help with some funding for their places, we are having a small show on Saturday 8th October, which is open to the public for competing and watching. . (See Facebook page for more details.)

 We would like to thank  Zara Aitken, aged 12, from Brechin. She held a Bingo Tea and raised the fantastic sum of £320 which she presented to us this morning.  
Also thanks to Dale and Trudy Murray (Riley's mum and dad) who took part in a 50 day 5km challenge and raised the fantastic amount of £580.50 for us; an amazing effort.