Tuesday, 25 February 2014


We were delighted to be able to buy this new treeless saddle with the help of the Angus Council Community Grants scheme; these saddles are really good for most of our riders.

Welcome to our new pony Stromer!
Stromer,is a black gelding bought this year, who has a super temperament, and has settled in very quickly.  He is just under 14hh and was born in 2004

Following their wonderful fundraisng effort for us last year some of the men from HMS Montrose came to visit the centre, where our chairman Forbes Inglis was presented with their cheque for £1000.

December  2012 News 
A good end to the year with a very successful coffee morning making £2146 with the raffle and all the stalls – thanks to all those who brought baking and other things, and who guessed names and weights in the competitions!

Angus RDA Prizewinner

The prize giving was held on December 1st  and was  very well attended.  Fiona  Donald presented the prizes to everyone; Arnie and Findlay are spending their retirement with her. 

Autumn 2012

Joanne's show, on the 23rd September, raised the great sum of £1207.62 for the centre which is wonderful.  We have also been presented with a cheque for £1000 by Fiona Stewart of the Scottish Coloured Horse Show, which is to go towards the new parking area (on the way in to the centre).

Parkside vet group with a cheque for the amount they raised for us last month - a really welcome present!

Two of our helpers, Gary and Claire, recently did a sponsored abseil in aid of the group, and raised £1150 which was fantastic - thanks to both!

The group took a stall at the Mountains Animal Sanctuary Open Day, and raised £210.16 which was a really good effort.

Summer 2012

Graeme Dey, MSP, visiting the centre on 21st August with some of the riders, ponies, and Elinor Phillips

The group  had a visit from Captain Jonathon Lett and some of the crew of HMS Montrose recently, and they will be sending us a cheque for £1000, which is a fantastic contribution.  Thanks to all involved!

On Thursday 7th June a training day for proficiency test examiners was held in the morning, with Pauline Corker, the Grampian and Highland Regional Instructor.

In the afternoon, Pauline assessed ponies and the helpers (shown above) for showjumping levels one and two, and the group was delighted to be passed for this. We are the first group in the region to qualify to offer show jumping.

Recently we had a visit from Forfar Academy who very kindly presented us with a cheque for £450, which will help with the vetting costs etc of  new ponies.

We have another 2 new ponies, to replace Merry and Ricky.  Merry went lame, and has been retired to Mountains Animal Sanctuary.  Ricky didn't really settle, and was difficult to lead, although good to ride, especially with the more advanced riders.  It was decided to sell him on to a home where he would be ridden more actively, and would not have to be led in hand as much.

The new ponies are Coco, a Welsh Section D mare, and Blackjack, a good sturdy type, rather like Trusty who used to be at the centre.  They are at present being introduced to the school and the equipment used in it.

A training day for volunteers was held on 25th February, when Catriona Goulding came with her painted horse and showed how the muscles work to support the horse - particularly interesting for those working with disabled riders. We were delighted to welcome some new helpers as well.